Policy: Physical and Environmental Security

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Name: Physical and Environmental Security
Number: 10000948
Code: ACA.HC.300.005
Status: Approved and Activated
Administrative Division: Provost/VC for Academic Affairs
Responsible Office: Provost/VC for Academic Affairs
Effective Date: 01/25/2021
Summary/Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to ensure compliance to the HIPAA Security Rule
(45 CFR Part 160 and Subparts A and C of Part 164) by establishing
standards, expectations and requirements for University of Mississippi
(UM)for safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of UMís
Information Assets (HIPAA electronic protected health information and other
confidential data) and Information Technology Assets (IT Assets). All terms
with a definition set forth in the HIPAA Security Rule have the same meaning
in this policy.
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People Affected:  FACULTY    STAFF    STUDENTS  
Keywords: HIPAA
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