University of Mississippi Policies

The University of Mississippi Policy Directory is a central location for accessing and posting University-wide policies. The site also provides procedures and tools for the creation, revision, and periodic review of University policies. The Policy on Policy Management describes these processes.

Policies changed in last 21 days:

DSA.SC.300.040 Disciplinary Record Retention
DSA.SC.200.075 Title IX Student Adjudication Poicy
DSA.FA.400.150 14.0 Scholarship Appeal
DSA.FA.100.290 2.0 Student Eligibility for Federal Aid
DSA.FA.004.000 4.0 Federal Perkins Loan
DSA.FA.005.000 5. 0 Federal Work-Study
DSA.FA.300.150 Book and/or MealVoucher Requests
DSA.FA.300.170 Current Year Aid to Pay a Prior Year Bal
ADM.TC.500.001 General Telephone
ACA.IT.400.030 Information Confidentiality/Security
ADM.TC.400.120 Personal LD Authorization Codes
ADM.TC.500.002 Private Telephone Conversations
ADM.TC.100.140 Satellite Dishes
DSA.SC.200.100 Student Organizational Conduct
ADM.TC.500.003 Telephone Call Tracking Information
ADM.TC.500.105 Voice Mail
DSA.SC.300.020 Disciplinary Sanctions
DSA.SC.200.010 Disregard for University Authority
DSA.SC.200.070 Noise Violations
DSA.SC.200.001 Presentation of University ID
PUR.PI.108.032 Sale or Trade of Property
PUR.PI.108.034 Transfer of Property - Department
PUR.PI.108.033 Transfer of Property - State
DSA.SC.300.010 University Conduct Process

Policy Development

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