University of Mississippi Policies

The University of Mississippi Policy Directory is a central location for accessing and posting University-wide policies. The site also provides procedures and tools for the creation, revision, and periodic review of University policies. The Policy on Policy Management describes these processes.

Policies changed in last 21 days:

ACA.HC.300.007 Access Control
ACA.HC.200.001 Access Uses Disclosures of PHI
ACA.HC.200.002 Accounting of Disclosures of PHI
ACA.HC.300.023 Audit Logging and Monitor Policy
ACA.HC.200.003 Breach Notification
ACA.HC.300.004 Business Continuity Management
ACA.HC.300.009 Clear Desk and Clear Screen
ACA.HC.300.014 Configuration Management
ACA.HC.300.012 Data Classification and Handling
ACA.HC.200.005 Disclosure of PHI Through Marketing Acti
ACA.HC.200.006 Disclosure of PHI to be Housed in Health
ACA.HC.200.007 Disclosures of PHI for Administrative a
ACA.HC.200.008 Disclosures of PHI to the FDA
ACA.HC.200.004 Disclsoure of De-identified PHI
ACA.HC.300.018 Encryption
ACA.HC.300.017 Endpoint Protection
ACA.HC.300.027 Firewall Review / Change Log
ACA.HC.100.001 Hybrid Entity Policy
ACA.HC.300.025 IT Sanction
ACA.HC.300.024 Incident Management
ACA.HC.300.013 Information Asset Management
ACA.HC.300.011 Information Exchange
ACA.HC.300.001 Information Security Management Program
ACA.HC.300.026 Information Technology Acceptable Use
ACA.HC.300.019 Media Protection
ACA.HC.200.009 Minimum Necessary Uses Disclosures of PH
ACA.HC.300.020 Mobile Computing Device Security
ACA.HC.300.015 Network Protection
ACA.HC.300.008 Password Protection
ACA.HC.200.014 Patients Request to Amend their PHI
ACA.HC.300.005 Physical and Environmental Security
ACA.HC.200.010 Policy on HIPAA Compliant Research HIPAA
ACA.HC.300.021 Remote Access
ACA.HC.300.010 Remote Working
ACA.HC.200.011 Reporting Incidents to Law Enforcement A
ACA.HC.200.012 Request for Restrictions on uses and Dis
ACA.HC.200.013 Requests by Individuals for Confidential
ACA.HC.200.015 Restrictions on Uses and Disclosures of
ACA.HC.300.002 Risk Management
ACA.HC.200.016 Securing Work Areas to Prevent Unauthori
ACA.HC.300.006 Security Awareness and Training
ACA.HC.300.003 Third Party Risk Management
ACA.HC.200.017 Uses and Disclosure of PHI for Specializ
ACA.HC.300.022 Vulnerability Management
ACA.HC.300.016 Wireless Network Security
ACA.IT.300.010 Domain Name Registration
RSP.TM.400.002 Patents and Inventions - 1992
ACA.EO.100.011 Consensual Relationships
CHA.LM.200.001 Records Retention
ACA.EO.100.010 Sexual Harassment
DSA.SC.300.015 Conduct System Authority & Jurisdiction
DSA.SC.200.040 Respect for Property
DSA.SC.300.001 Structure of University Conduct System
DSA.SC.200.060 Unauthorized Entry
DSA.SC.200.090 Violation of Other University Policies
DSA.SC.200.056 drone
DSA.SH.500.008 Cooking
DSA.SH.400.045 Decorating
PUR.PI.108.003 Department Head Change - Inventory
PUR.PI.108.004 Departmental Inventory
DSA.SH.400.007 Electrical Outlets
PUR.PI.108.020 Equipment Aquisition - Donated
PUR.PI.108.021 Equipment Aquisition - Lease Purchase
PUR.PI.108.023 Equipment Aquisition - Surplus/Jackson
DSA.SH.200.009 Health and Safety Inspections
DSA.SH.400.013 Implied Consent
PUR.PI.108.006 Inventory Repair
PUR.PI.108.005 Liability for Failure to Make Inventory
PUR.TR.111.005 Lodging - Travel
DSA.SH.500.011 Plumbing
PUR.TR.111.010 Private Vehicle - Travel
PUR.PI.108.002 Property Exceptions
DSA.SH.000.000 Right to Relocate
PUR.TR.111.008 State Travel Agency Services
PUR.PI.108.007 Temporary Loan - Inventory
PUR.TR.111.002 Travel Authorization
PUR.TR.111.001 Travel Reimbursement
PUR.PI.108.009 Vehicle - Tags/Title
PUR.PI.108.008 Vehicle Marking

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