University of Mississippi Policies

The University of Mississippi Policy Directory is a central location for accessing and posting University-wide policies. The site also provides procedures and tools for the creation, revision, and periodic review of University policies. The Policy on Policy Management describes these processes.

Policies changed in last 21 days:

ADM.ID.100.004 Flex Dollars May Be Used On Campus Only
ADM.ID.300.002 ID Card Issue and Replacement Fees
ADM.ID.300.001 Individuals Requiring a UM ID Card
ADM.ID.100.002 Meal Plan Carry Forward By Semester
ADM.ID.100.007 Meal Plan Start Date
ADM.ID.200.006 Obtaining Ole Miss Express Refunds
ADM.ID.200.001 Ole Miss Express Definition
ADM.ID.100.009 Undergraduate Flex Refunds
ADM.BU.400.001 Budget Escalations and Revisions
DSA.DS.500.002 Involuntary Withdrawal
ADM.BU.300.001 Lapsed & Released Salary & Unspent Funds
ADM.BU.200.001 Legislative Budget
DSA.DS.500.001 Mandated Assessment
ADM.BU.100.001 Operating Budget
DSA.DS.600.001 Procedure for Missing Students
DSA.DS.100.002 Right to Privacy
DSA.DS.100.004 Right to be Secure
DSA.DS.100.003 Student Complaints
DSA.DS.700.001 Voter Registration Policy
DSA.SU.300.002 Amplified Sound on Campus
DSA.SU.300.004 Chalking on Campus
DSA.SU.300.001 Concerts
DSA.SU.100.011 Conveyances Inside Student Union
DSA.DS.100.001 Free Inquiry, Expression, and Assembly
DSA.SU.100.002 Posting Materials.Student Union
DSA.SU.100.010 Recognition of Constitution Day
ACA.FG.300.002 Academic Freedom & Fac Responsibility
ACA.FG.100.001 Appointment of Faculty & Administrators
DSA.SC.300.040 Conduct Record Retention
ACA.CP.500.001 Student Info &Privacy in Online Educ
ACA.CP.100.003 Creation of New Graduate Programs
DSA.SC.200.100 Student Organizational Conduct
DSA.CC.200.001 Confidentiality
DSA.CC.300.001 Counseling Center Fees
ACA.CP.100.002 Creating New Undergraduate Programs
ACA.GS.100.003 Dismissal of Graduate Students
ACA.IT.300.010 Domain Name Registration
DSA.CC.100.201 Eligibility for Employee Counseling
DSA.CC.100.001 Eligibility for Student Counseling
ACA.AR.300.010 Independent Study Testing Policy
ACA.IT.400.030 Information Confidentiality/Security
DSA.CC.500.001 Licensed Supervision
DSA.CC.300.002 No-Show/Cancellation Policy
ACA.IT.400.010 Privacy in the Electronic Environment
CHA.LM.200.001 Records Retention
ACA.FG.300.006 Sabbatical Leave Policy
DSA.CC.400.001 Termination of Service
ACA.IT.100.090 UM Mobile App
ACA.IT.300.030 Wireless Networks

Policy Development

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