University of Mississippi Policies

The University of Mississippi Policy Directory is a central location for accessing and posting University-wide policies. The site also provides procedures and tools for the creation, revision, and periodic review of University policies. The Policy on Policy Management describes these processes.

Policies changed in last 21 days:

ADM.EC.500.005 Laboratory Service Approval of Contracts
ADM.EC.300.003 Purchasing Radioactive Materials
ADM.EC.300.006 Radiological Waste Identification
DSA.DS.100.001 Free Inquiry, Expression, and Assembly
DSA.DS.400.005 Fraternal Student Org. Assoc. with FSL
DSA.DS.100.005 Participation in Student Organizations
DSA.DS.400.006 FSL Chapters w Probationary Membership
ACA.AD.100.007 Admission of Disabled Students
ACA.CP.500.003 Attendance Policy for Online Education
ACA.GS.400.002 Doctoral Degree Requirements
ACA.AR.200.002 Examination Policies
ACA.FG.100.006 Faculty Titles and Ranks
DSA.FA.100.170 3.4 Cost of Attendance
DSA.FA.003.071 3.7B Death of a Student
DSA.FA.004.000 4.0 Federal Perkins Loan
DSA.FA.006.000 6.0 Fed Supplemental Educational Grant
DSA.FA.600.130 Convicted of Possession/Sale of Drugs
DSA.FA.200.190 Student Loan Code of Conduct

Policy Development

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