Policy: Employees Affected by Reduction in Force

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Name: Employees Affected by Reduction in Force
Number: 10000840
Code: HRO.EM.300.235
Status: Approved and Activated
Administrative Division: VC for Administration & Finance
Responsible Office: Human Resources
Effective Date: 08/29/2022
Summary/Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to assure that staff employees whose employment
status/hours may or will be adversely affected by a Reduction in Force (RIF)
are duly given consideration for job vacancies. Departments may consider
affected employees prior to considering other unaffected internal or external
applicants through a full recruitment search. This policy applies to all
permanent full-time and part-time administrative, professional and other staff
employees of The University of Mississippi who meet the eligibility criteria
below. The affected personnel may be active (eligible for a transfer) or
inactive (eligible for reemployment) and by purpose of this policy will be
referred to as the "employee."
Policy Narrative: PDF File
People Affected:  STAFF  
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