Policy: Distance Education/Off-Campus Programs

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(Policy predates system.) - originally became effective on 08/01/2000
Name: Distance Education/Off-Campus Programs
Number: 10000427
Code: ACA.CP.200.001
Status: Approved and Activated
Administrative Division: Provost/VC for Academic Affairs
Responsible Office: Provost/VC for Academic Affairs
Effective Date: 12/11/2017
Summary/Purpose: This is a set of policies and procedures for distance education and off-campus
courses and programs. Among the topics are the course and program approval
process, evaluation and assessment issues, the relationship of distance
education courses/programs with traditional their versions, calendar issues,
the integrity of distance education courses, academic residency issues, fiscal
issues, faculty qualifications and assignments, support services, and student
services, as they relate to distance education.
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People Affected:  FACULTY    STAFF    STUDENTS  
Keywords: FACULTY
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