Policy: Technology Purchases

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Name: Technology Purchases
Number: 10000822
Code: ACA.IT.100.050
Status: Approved and Activated
Administrative Division: Provost/VC for Academic Affairs
Responsible Office: Information Technology
Effective Date: 08/31/2021
Summary/Purpose: The information technology landscape on a typical university campus is
complex, and most people are unaware of the integration points between
information systems, the impact on the campus network, information security
issues, existing purchasing agreements, etc. This policy defines the review
and approval process for University of Mississippi technology procurements to
ensure compliance with Mississippi Department of Information Technology
Services (ITS) policies and state purchasing laws, as well as to promote the
resourceful, informed utilization of technology within the University.
Policy Narrative: PDF File
People Affected:  FACULTY    STAFF    VENDORS  
Keywords: CLOUD
Related UM Policies: ACA.IT.400.030   Information Confidentiality/Security
Related Resources: 015-020 Procurement Limits Policies: IHLs (see p. 126)
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