Policy: Accessibility of Technology Services

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Name: Accessibility of Technology Services
Number: 10000825
Code: ACA.IT.100.060
Status: Approved and Activated
Administrative Division: Provost/VC for Academic Affairs
Responsible Office: Information Technology
Effective Date: 04/08/2020
Summary/Purpose: The University of Mississippi (UM) recognizes the importance and value of
providing information technology services that are accessible to everyone
and that can be used on a broad spectrum of devices. The primary reason
for adhering to the principles of "universal design" is to meet the needs
of those who use assistive technology to overcome physical disabilities;
however, the reality is that well-executed universal design can help
everyone. Attention to accessibility can result in better, more usable
displays when sites are viewed from small format devices such as
smartphones or mini-computers. Federal laws require equitable use of
educational technology, including all programs, services, and communication
systems, as well as online and digital environments. This policy details
the accessibility requirements and standards for UM departments as they
develop websites, computer labs, and all other forms of information
technology services. This includes, but is not limited to, learning
management systems, audio and video files (podcasts and vodcasts), and
course software.
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