Policy: Accessibility of Technology Services

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Name: Accessibility of Technology Services
Number: 10000825
Code: ACA.IT.100.060
Status: Approved and Activated
Administrative Division: Provost/VC for Academic Affairs
Responsible Office: Information Technology
Effective Date: 06/20/2022
Summary/Purpose: The University of Mississippi (UM) is committed to providing equal access to
its educational services, programs, and activities. Part of this
commitment is to establish an equitable technology environment that
is accessible to all, including individuals with disabilities,
with or without the use of assistive technology. Adherence to
this policy will ensure that all individuals have access to
Digital Content, Resources, and Technology (“Digital Material”)
provided by or on behalf of the University. Digital Material
is further defined as information, products, and services
available for download or distribution in an electronic format
or presented on a web page or through a web or other computer
application. Federal laws require equitable use of educational
technology, including all programs, services, and communication
systems, as well as online and digital environments.
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